By the time a girl is in her teens her mother should have told her all about the perils of promiscuity and the possible consequences. This without the though shalt and though shalt nots. As part of her religious and moral training, and long before she is experiencing such feelings, a girl should have been told that healthy normal adolescents can expect to experience feelings that will draw them to the opposite sex.

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This is the time for a mother to tell her daughter that this ‘feeling’ is normal and nothing to be ashamed of but isn’t necessarily ‘love’. That it is possible that she will experience that ‘feeling’ with perhaps many more boys before the ‘real’ thing comes along. That these feelings come and go, as they come they must just be controlled and it is possible. All this should be communicated before a girl stands in the threshold of womanhood. Samu’s poetry work serves to facilitate those dreaded mother daughter conversations. The book talk section after each poem gives the families vocabulary for the discussions.

Samukelisiwe Nkosi is a grade 12 learner from Diepsloot in the north of Johannesburg. This is her first published work.

“I have been fortunate enough to be raised in a family whose parents believe in the virtue of being chaste. But without the explanation and understanding of the feelings we have as we grow-up as teenagers, we are left confused and guilty. Understanding our emotions and feelings is to talk about them to our mothers, remember they were once young too, and they now know better. They have our interests at heart so that helps.” Samukelisiwe Nkosi

The author Samukelisiwe Nkosi is from Diepsloot in the north of Johannesburg. She published her first book whilst in grade 12 in 2019. This is her first published work.

ISBN: 9780620824378


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