The book illustrates the culinary diversity of Southern African cuisine and some neighbouring countries, comparing the similarities and unique palatable heritages thereof. Written in a conversational style, the book is a handy culinary compilation which will bestow the reader with explorations regarding local African lifestyles history, art, clothing, music and perhaps even some song and dance.

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The book forms part of a series of commemorative dialogues aimed at; first, demystifying and bringing to light the above mentioned omitted facts. Secondly, to highlight the milestones that have been implemented as part of turning the heritage schools as institutions of academic excellence.

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Buka ena ke engotse ho kgothalla, mme ha re tsotella dikateng tsa yona, re ka iphumana re boetse re fupere lefa la rona leo e sa leng re le sielwa ke baholo ba rona, le neheletsano molokong o mong ho isa ho o mong, jwale ka leshalana lena ke ntseng ke le butswe-butswela bukaneng ena.


Malume’s Painting, part factual history and part fictional story portrays the journey of a young Soweto student activist who left for exile 1976 to later return to a democratic society after the fall of apartheid.


The aim of the book is to change the way people use public toilets in their daily lives and create a culture of personal accountability for sanitary practices. Stimulate the sense of ownership by the communities in their schools by initiating a serious campaign in public participation process.

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By the time a girl is in her teens her mother should have told her all about the perils of promiscuity and the possible consequences. This without the though shalt and though shalt nots. As part of her religious and moral training, and long before she is experiencing such feelings, a girl should have been told that healthy normal adolescents can expect to experience feelings that will draw them to the opposite sex.

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Buka ena ke e ngotse ka mokgwa o balehang ka boiketlo ho tlisa kgatlheho le lerato la ho bala ka puo ya Sesotho malapeng a rona. Ke ntse ke hlokometse le ho tlisa leruo puong, e leng tlotlontswe le thuta puo. Ha o na le mantswe ho tla ba bonolo ho ithuta puo.

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Poetry in its artistic form…
I started writing at the age of 60, writing poems for Sunday school children. Tapping deeper into the gift, my subjects developed into meaningful words. The poems are a conscious unguarded communication of my heart to my soul. The gift of words coming of age so to speak.


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